Roma del Mar is a divine place with its tranquility, nature, surrounding water and beaches. It is great for fishing, boating, or just relaxing, and it is attractive to all looking for a place to get away from the touristy places. All these attributes have attracted a great group of people which have formed an incredible community, and meeting them promises lots of fun.

But what makes Villa Roma del Mar so special?

Owning  your villa within Roma del Mar is a stress-free experience with the Roma del Mar Property Management Service, Pool, Cleaning, Maintenance and Gardening services. The Roma del Mar Rental Service ensures that all your guests and renters are welcomed and taken care for. Their visit is fully customizable, as we help them with booking tours, transfers, trips and much more, making sure they are have a perfect vacation.

But there is much more: our onsite Roma del Mar reception & shop offers a variety of  international groceries, fresh bread and pastries baked daily, internet access, souvenirs and a choice of DVDs and books free to use while staying at Roma del Mar.

The Roma del Mar villa owners are active in helping the local school and other philanthropic movements. One of the villa owners is a doctor and started the “Midwest Medical Mission” in 2008, offering treatments and medical supplies free of charge to many Costa Ricans in and around Roma del Mar. This led to the Roma del Mar Clinic, built with the donations of Roma del Mar villa owners and offers medical support onsite in any emergency. Which brings comfort to owners and visitors alike.

We offer great value for your money. The quality of our constructions is assured and we compete toe to toe with all luxury developments in Costa Rica. We are always looking for ways to improve the quality of the villas and the entire community. We, the developers are originally from Germany and ensure high quality precision. Roma del Mar is still at an early stage of development and has great potential for future growth.

Asking the existing villa owners  “why invest in Roma del Mar?” gives us very positive answers: they love; the beautiful and peaceful setting of the area,  and they especially love their very nice neighbors within Villas Roma del Mar.

If you want to get your own conclusions on why to invest in Roma del Mar: visit us and see the villas and meet some of the other owners, they can give you the best insights about the development and its surroundings.

Last but not least: we have many Ticos (Costa Ricans) which love to come and stay in Roma del Mar. They know their country and have traveled all over it, but they prefer this place over many other beautiful places. Where can you go just by your boat, anchor it, get off and have a wonderful time in one of the luxury villas? Enjoying the tranquility, watching birds, monkey, and having a relaxing time on the beach or by the pool without missing any amenities.

We’ve also recently opened a restaurant in the community proving delicious cuisine to owners and guests alike!

Have this experience yourself, come to Roma del Mar and ENJOY!!