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Caroline Heiss: (+506) 8343-1638
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Lars & Jenny Bock
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Directions to get here


From Liberia Airport

From the airport follow signs to Santa Cruz and then Nicoya, don?t drive into Nicoya, just continue straight on the same road and follow signs to Jicaral, then Playa Naranjo. (Total travel time is approx. 2h).

Right outside of Nicoya you will see a large supermarket on the left hand side. The name is ?Maxibodega? and it is a large discounter owned by Walmart. We recommend that you get your groceries on your way, either in the Maxibodega or in the local supermarkets in Jicaral. Villas Roma del Mar has a reception with a bakery and small supermarket and offers all basics for your grocery shopping. After shopping in the Maxibodega (or not), just continue on the same road, always following the signs to Jicaral/ Playa Naranjo. (There is one left turn after Nicoya, but long before Jicaral).

From Jicaral to Playa Naranjo it is approx. 25 min. drive (half of it is a dirt road). When you get to Playa Naranjo you will see a gas station on your left hand side. Just continue straight direction to Paquera. After 1 mile see a large sign on the left for Playa Blanca and Villas Roma del Mar. Please turns left here and continue straight. After 200 yards see on left hand side an entrance with columns ? this is the entrance to Roma del Mar. Just follow the road. Shortly after the guard stand, you will want to curve to the right and continue to drive through the project. About a mile after the guard stand, you will see our house which is an old farm house on the beach.

San Jose Airport via Tempisque Bridge

From Car rental place get on to HWY 1 towards San Ramon, Puntarenas and Liberia. Most of the eating places will be closed after about 9:00PM. If you need to eat dinner, you can eat a good dinner before leaving at Denny?s next to the car rental place.

Follow signs to Liberia and Puntarenas ? The HWY goes through exits to San Ramon. Keep following the highway towards Liberia for about 2 ? 2.5 hours till you get to Las Juntas First landmark is a TOTAL gas station on the right. Within about 5 minutes you will see a SHELL gas station on the left and a sign ?PUENTE DE AMISTAD TAIWAN? ) Peace bridge from Taiwan. Take a left turn here to Nicoya. Follow this road. You will cross the bridge in about 15 minutes. Follow this road for another 30 minutes till you get to a ?T?. You need to take a left turn here towards ?Playa Naranjo?. If you turn Right, you will go towards Nicoya and Liberia. This is wrong. You are about one hour away from Roma del Mar now. Drive for about 20-25 minutes on this road and you need to take a left turn towards ?Playa Naranjo? again. If you go straight, you will go to ?CARMONA?. This is wrong. Go on this road for about 20-25 minutes and you will get to JICARAL. Right after this town, you will get the dirt road which is about 8KMs long. This road curves left and right but stay on this road. It should take you only about 30 minutes from Jicaral. It reaches almost a ?T? and the sign to the left says ?FERRY?. Take a right turn here. The road is very rough. Travel for 3-4 minutes and stay to your left and take a slight left turn when you see signs on your left side. Within 2-3 minutes you will see the ROMA del MAR entrance with sign and columns. Take a left turn into ROMA del MAR and go down the road for 1 minute. You will reach the main entrance with the reception building, where you can check in.

San Jose airport to Roma del Mar via the new highwayPlease note there are tolls on the highway, so you will need a small amount of Colones (2,000 colones should be lots for the tolls you will pass, and that is about 4 dollars – get some colones at the airport or the rental car company can help by giving you this much or showing you where a bank machine is). There is a bank machine in the luggage area and most ATM cards seem to work at these. Here are the directions for getting between the San Jose Airport and Roma Del Mar using the new highway.

Coming from Airport to Roma Del Mar:

– You need to be on the airport access road across from the terminal. If you rent a car you will probably be taken to the car lot off the airport location, back towards the city of San Jose (a very few rental companies bring the car to the airport). If you are renting a car from one of these lots or coming from San Jose, you need to head back towards the airport on the PanAmerican highway (the same highway the car rental company took you on to get from the airport to thier lot). Stay in the very left lane on this main highway and take the airport exit.

– when you are on the airport access road, follow it until you are almost all the way to the end and turn right on the very last road before the turnaround at the end of the median (where you are forced to turn back to the airport terminal). If you miss this turn-off, go around the loop again.

– once you have turned off, you will be on an frontage/access road that parallels the highway. Follow this road without turning off it. You will come up a hill and join a main road in a small town – keep going straight. – follow this road without turning for a fair distance (estimating 5 km? we think it took us about 7 minutes) as it winds through towns/neighborhoods. The road eventually makes a long turn to the left, and a park with a playground (it is an outdoor playground with multi-colored kids play ground equipment) is on the left, while another main road forms a T-intersection with the road you are on to the right. Take the right hand turn.

– follow this road (estimating 3 km?) to its end at a stop or yield sign at a traffic circle. You will be going part way round this traffic circle to the left, taking the main right hand exit that joins the new highway to Orotina & Puntarenas (I think it?s the third exit on the traffic circle, and is pretty obvious that it goes down to the highway).

– Follow the highway all the way to Puntarenas. After you get to Caldera you will drive along the ocean on a long beach – stay in the right hand lane after this beach and watch for the right hand exit to Puntarenas – the sign is hidden behind a tree and not visible until you are almost past it. If you pass it, go another 2 km to the Maxi Bodega store and gas station on your left, turn in there and then head back to the Puntarenas turn-off.

– Once on the Puntarenas road, follow it for a long way. The peninsula of Puntarenas is very long, perhaps up to 9 km (?). You will pass a Shell gas station, then the stadium, then the museum, and you will see signs on your right for the ferries.

– Turn right at the sign for the ferry to Playa Naranjo, follow the street to the end, then turn left (this is a very small street with not much on it along the back of the waterfront). If cars are lined up on the right-hand side, pull in at the back of the line up. Otherwise, proceed to the stop sign at the intersection where the ferries are on the right side and park at the stop sign.

– The ticket booth is directly across the street from this stop sign. Keep in mind the ticket agent likely speaks no English, and you will want tickets for “Uno Liviano” (one vehicle) and “XX Personas” (XX people – Adultos for Adults, Ninos for children). You will need a ticket for every adult, even the driver since the vehicle is separate. When loading, the driver alone can be in the car with their vehicle and personal ticket, the other people will have to walk on with their tickets.

Please note: Buy tickets only at ticket booth ? there are sometimes people trying to sell tickets which are much more expensive!

– After getting off the ferry (if someone is not meeting you), follow the road to the T-intersection just over the hill, and take the left hand turn. The road turns from paved to gravel right away. Follow this road about 4 km, eventually coming up a big hill, then leveling off and you will see a smaller road to the left as the main road curves to the right (in fact the smaller road looks straight ahead as the main road turns). Take the left hand, smaller road (there is sign here for Playa Blanca & Roma Del Mar).

– Follow this road about 1 km and you will see the sign and columns of Roma Del Mar on your left. You will get to the reception building after 1 minute drive, where you can check in. ?Bitte restlichen Text loeschen: Take this turn, follow the road as it goes up and down a few hills, crosses a small stream, and as you reach a beach front with a home right on the ocean, you have arrived. Welcome to Roma Del Mar.

San Jose Airport to Roma del Mar

Follow signs to San Ramon, Puntarenas on the Panamerican Highway #1

Another option is the new Highway Ciudad Colon to Caldera. Both are getting you into Puntarenas.
There drive straight through town; always follow the main road to the absolute end of it;
turn right where you see a soccer field on the right hand side and a orange painted bar.
Go straight, after 2 blocks on right corner (green and blue building) is the ferry ticket booth,
where they sell tickets for both ferries (one goes to Paquera, one to Playa Naranjo);
please buy ticket to Playa Naranjo on the right hand side of the ticket booth;
it is 10 Dollars for a car and approx. $1,50 per person (passengers have to walk on ferry)

Ferry schedule from
Puntarenas to Playa Naranjo
6:30am, 10am, 2:30 pm, 7:30pm;
Playa Naranjo to Puntarenas:
8am, 12:30pm, 5:30pm, 9pm;

In Playa Naranjo get off the ferry, take the first turn left and follow signs to Roma del Mar
or give us a call and we pick you up at the ferry terminal.

Attention! Buy tickets for ferry ONLY at ticket booth!! There are people offering tickets,
but these guys are not working for the ferry and ask for too much money for the tickets.
Cost per ticket: $10 per car and $1,50 per person.