Aroma del Mar is our Italian restaurant located on the main beach of Roma del Mar.

Our mission is to serve the freshest and best food possible, which is why we decided to keep our menu rather small with alternating “Daily Specials”.

Our standard menu includes Pizza, Pasta, Gnocchi and Lasagnas (made with homemade Pasta from scratch). Depending on the availability of ingredients, we will offer tasty dishes like Ceviche (typical costa rican dish), Rice with Jumbo Shrimp, Antipasti, Pork tenderloin, Fish Filet, Beef Steak, Seafood Pasta and many more…Just come by and find out yourself…or visit our Facebook Page to get more information about “Tonight’s Specials”.

Another good reason to visit Aroma del Mar are our fresh and homemade desserts! Indulge yourself with the most yummy cakes and desserts (like cheesecake, chocolate cake, eggnog cake…).